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  • You and your staff have really done a tremendous job of inspiring me...
    • I wanted to thank you for the personal call out about me on the Kick Start Boot Camp on Facebook! It's amazing the strength and flexibility I have improved since I joined boot camp! You and your staff have really done a tremendous job of inspiring me to new heights I never thought would be possible! Words can't give you and your staff enough props!! See you Monday!
      - Jim
  • Wanted to send you a big Thank You!...
    • Wanted to send you a big Thank You! I was able to attend a CrossFit class last weekend with my friend. It was Awesome!! Totally great workout - super challenging and fun! Maria was the coach and she was great! I teach Group Fitness classes and I can appreciate all of Maria’s enthusiasm and encouragement she gave to all of the class members - she is just Awesome!!

      Even more so, we felt very welcomed by your staff and other members of your facility. You have a family there and we could tell. Everyone just really enjoyed being at Route 33 and not just to workout, but to meet up with friends and encourage each other. Very awesome to see in Marysville.

      I will be sure to pass along to our friends and family your facility and to encourage them to check out Route 33!! Thank you again for being so welcoming and for providing an awesome facility in our community.

      Thank you kindly
      - Melissa
  • Little did I know how much our lives would change...
    • I can't believe it's been one year since Klaire and I walked into Route 33 Crossfit. Little did I know how much our lives would change for the better. We've both made new friends, accomplished things never thought possible and grown and nurtured our mind, body & soul. I wouldn't be here without Ann Knapschaefer Rausch who talked me into walking into that cold gym one Saturday morning. Thank you to Adam Weigand, Carrie Lipps Weigand, Jesse Ramirez, Maria Dyas & Jennifer Caughey for believing in Klaire and me and challenging us along the way. So excited for what the next year holds!!

      - Krista
  • I would never have been able to make this life style change...
    • So I was not looking forward to dinner tonight. Pleasantly surprised. Fixed grass feed beef, mixed with clean spaghetti sauce, tossed with spinach and chive linguine. It was as good as my high starch full of sugar spaghetti. So thankful Jim belongs to a CrossFit gym that truly works as a community even bringing in their spouses that don't belong to the gym. I would never have been able to make this life style change to clean eating without their support, encouragement, and education. Thank you Kristy Ferruccio, Dawn Mccullough, Kelley Ray Bickerstaff and all the ladies that have accepted me on their team. Carrie Lipps Weigand and Adam Weigand thank you for making Route 33 CrossFit a great place.

      - Melissa S.
  • CrossFit has helped him a lot...
    • I can't believe how much Matt has improved in football this week. CrossFit has helped him a lot!!!!!

      - Amanda
  • I would recommend it to anyone...
    • Ryker did the summer program with Jesse and all they focused on was speed and agility. They did foot work drills, cone drills, ladders, etc. Ryker loved it and I would recommend it to anyone.

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